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BlackGround is the ultimate tool for interoral Photography thanks to its ease of use and special shape. In addition, BlackGround can be serilized at 134 °C and covers all requirements.

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BlackGround can be ordered directly from us. 1 Package contains 3 BlackGrounds. CHF 75.- add 8% MwSt (tax) & Shipping

Mouth Simulator

MHT International and PMP Dentalresearch have developed a unique tool, which allows Quality Control for Dental Reconstruction: the Mouth Simulator. The device allows testing and evaluation of prostheses in an environment which resembles the oral cavity, without the presence of the patient.



“The present invention suggests an apparatus for simulating the ambient color and translucence conditions present in the oral cavity of a patient for the purpose of checking the color stimulus specification of dentures prior to their implanting into the oral cavity of a patient. The apparatus comprises an artificial jaw portion including a dimensionally stable, elastic artificial gum body portion simulating at least the vestibulary gum of a patient in which the teeth are inserted. The artificial gum body portion is made of a translucent material. The teeth can be individually replaced by dentures. The color stimulus specification of a denture inserted into the apparatus is checked by means of a color stimulus specification measuring apparatus and compared to the values obtained from a measurement taken in the oral cavity of a patient.”

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